Born and raised in Southern California, I had the good fortune to be exposed to many different physical and spiritual disciplines.

From playing different sports to taking numerous dance classes and eventually performing professionally as a singer and dancer and actor, I was searching for that something.

The “prize” was elusive.

Eventually, I certified as a TRX trainer and that opened the way to the one thing that would tie it all together. Yoga.

I had tried yoga before but never really “got” it.

In early 2019, I took my first yoga class in earnest. Everything shifted. I continued at a local studio and when I told my friend, Scott that I had begun practicing, he applauded my efforts.

Scott Pitts and I have been good friends for well over a decade. Occasionally, he would mention that I consider Registered Yoga Teacher Training or something about yoga never promoting or proselytizing. Just dropping hints here and there……

In early 2020, Scott casually mentioned that I might benefit from the Spring module of his Registered Yoga Teacher Training.

That proved to be the understatement of the century. The structure I have learned and incorporated into my life has been a tectonic shift in how I view the world both internally and externally. The Yoga Beginner’s Creed has become the mantra of my life.

Start where you are Use what you have Do what you can
It will be enough. Namaste, Bitches!

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