200 RYT

Hello everyone! I’m Hannah and I have been teaching yoga for almost a year now. I’ve always lived an active lifestyle and I enjoy many activities such as lifting weights at the gym, hiking, running, disc golf, mountain biking, and of course yoga.

About 4 years ago I experienced a variety of yoga classes during college and I absolutely loved it! At first, I only thought of yoga as a good “stretch” and never understood all the benefits that were attached. During my junior year my dad passed away from cancer and it was the hardest time of my life.

So much heaviness on my heart and mind that I slipped into depression as I was in a grieving process. I started looking up YouTube videos and practicing yoga more frequently in my college dorm room. Eventually I started to understand that yoga was helping me not only physically but mentally during that hard time. That is when the true spark lit inside me and I realized yoga will forever be a part of my life.

Then one day I walked into the studio for the FIRST time and met with Scott to talk about teacher training. I realize now how random it seemed that this girl who wasn’t even a member of the studio wanted to become a yoga instructor! But I was working 8-5 like most people do and it just hit me…I wanted to be a part of something meaningful and help others discover their passion for yoga like I did. My yoga practice has become stronger and I continue to grow every day.

Yoga is a life long journey where we learn how to LET GO of negative attachments and find balance and peace into our daily lives.

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