I was introduced to studio yoga when a couple of coworkers wanted to try a class. We looked up places to try and stumbled across NWA Hot yoga, so we decided to try it out. This was at a time in my life that I needed yoga the most, I just didn’t know that yet.

I had just had surgery removing a ruptured fallopian tube after an ectopic pregnancy. This was after a succession of losses. With previous losses, I had tried therapy, antidepressants, and even went to a fertility specialist.

When I came to class, it struck something with in me and in a way, became my therapy. First, I learned the power of my breath, the one thing in this world that I could control. Secondly, I learned the benefits of meditation, and that through meditating, I could accept and process my emotions opposed to compartmentalizing them away like I had done previously. Lastly, I learned how to be in the present moment, to not focus on the past or stress about the future. To simply be in the here and now!

After attending class regularly for almost a year, I thought about how cool it would be to help other people overcome their struggles by becoming part of their journey.

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