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NWA Hot Yoga - A Transformative Place

NWA Hot Yoga is a Bentonville, Arkansas based studio-a transformative place featuring seven different styles of yoga, thirty plus weekly classes, seven-days per week, all times during the day available, 1,276 square feet studio space excluding front and back lobby areas.

“Pranayama Ujjayi” breath (also known as nose breathing) is taught and strongly emphasized in every class. Breath is life! And we teach our clients how to use more of their lung capacity thus lower heart rates, decrease blood pressure, reducing stress & anxiety through the practice of this Ujjayi breath! And teach connecting the movement with your breath, the meaning of vinyasa. Baptiste 11-series sequence is the base of all of our flows.

We believe in a Higher Power based practice. We implore a 12-step approach to Higher Power. Our clients define their Higher Power for themselves. No Buddha’s statues, Mandala images, animal symbols of various religions, no visuals or props of any religion are featured anywhere inside the studio, creating an open and welcoming environment too all people of religious backgrounds and beliefs is our goals.

Our Mission: Providing a welcoming community atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, & connectedness through yoga for everybody

Yoga Instructors

Achieved by cultivating personal relationships with every client by imploring a welcoming smile and a friendly greeting upon entering studio coupled with a non-judgmental attitude creating a very unique, warm and friendly environment – a safe place for transformation. Remembering your name and something about you and or your practice. Our Google reviews say it best- (designer/developer insert google review link here) (and by the way we have much more reviews than our competition)

This is achieved with the leadership of the owner, our staff/teachers, and most importantly with the unsolicited or undirected assistance from our community. Expect during your first visits before or after a class a yogi on a neighboring mat too introduce themselves and offer a third-party synopsis opinion of the studio, various classes and diverse teachers. The lyrics from the famous Eagles song Hotel California come to mind and are relevant, “you can check-in but you can never leave.”

Yoga Instructor Scott Pitts and Student
About Founder Scott Pitts
Yoga Instructor Scott Pitts and Student
Yoga Instructor Scott Pitts and Student

This mission was shaped by Scott Pitts, the owner’s experience attending yoga studios throughout Southern California during a challenging time in his life. The abbreviated story goes as follows:

“Picture it Santa Monica, California 2008” (referencing Sophia Patrello from the Golden Girls) he was advised from an orthopedic surgeon, “knee replacements or hot yoga. Deciding to check-out this thing called hot yoga and forgo knee replacements at least for the short-term. Only having practiced the runner’s version of yoga in the past – the obligatory runners lunge and quad stretch for 20 seconds before or after the run.

Because of participating in numerous marathons and triathlons (yes three Ironman events) during his 30’s his knees required mandatory full replacements. He had gained sixty-pounds due to severe isolation & depression and inactivity caused by lack of being able to use his and abuse his body in the same way.

Going into this trendy Southern California studio, sixty-pounds overweight, being the “fat”, talkative, very-loud heavy breather guy in the back of the studio. He felt alone and noticed that no one else came close too looking like his body type or being his gender. He also noticed no one remembered his name or seemed to care to know anything about him or showed any interest in his story/life or want to help in any way.

The atmosphere was very hot, music loud, and the studio jammed-packed with other people and was kicked in the face several times and surrounded by beautiful, fit and extremely flexible women who could do all kinds of poses and crazy circus like feats with their bodies. Feeling intimated and more deflated upon every visit but was determinate to NOT give up.

And after three-consistent years of hot yoga and sixty ponds lighter, his knees were in the best condition of his life, more flexible and stronger than before knee replacement was no longer necessary. He became self-inspired to become a registered yoga teacher with the desire, passion and deep commitment to teach others what he had learned and to create a new experience for others.

He eventually returned to his native & beloved NWA and began practicing in a local hot yoga studio. Too his surprise and disappointment he felt the similar judgment & intimidation as before. He continued his journey and made friends.

As a 20-year marketing executive intrigued yet perplexed he began to research and discovered this exclusive judgmental intimating mentality existed in a large number of studios. His research also indicated that well over 70% of people in this study felt the same way. And also had major misconception of what yoga is.

Shortly after getting his second yoga teacher certification, he began working with a local hormone doctor who asked him to work with her clients and teach yoga. He discovered yoga could help them too! These were people of all ages mostly 40-72 years of age, diverse backgrounds, and body types, mostly the average middle-aged very non-flexible, in-active person (unfortunately the major of our country) and with multiple chronic physical issues.

During the first one-hour session participants discovered the joy of movement and the power of connecting movements with the breath and developed a noticeable like for the activity and for the like-minded wellness community. The clients started noticing major improvements in their health and well being through a twice per week consistent yoga practice.

Basic quality of life improvements such like getting up and down off of the floor (starting in a chair and using a wall); walking for hours with grand kids on annual outdoor excursions to theme parks; quitting smoking; climbing ladders; and balancing hormones levels with yoga. (Measured with regular blood screenings). Over 1,000 people had experienced various levels of success throughout this life-changing transformative two-year period of time.

With the aforementioned marketing research of the high importance of an open and accepting environment, especially important for older demographic coupled with the hands-on learning with clients of the very wise doctor – the birth of the NWA Hot Yoga Brand came into existence on May 15, 2015!